Struggling Amazon Affiliate?

Are you looking for a better way?

It isn't easy promoting Amazon products as an affiliate.
We think we have a better idea - and we have the perfect tool to help you succeed...

Here's what's wrong with Amazon

It may be the world's biggest affiliate platform but it comes with some serious issues.
Here are just four:


Low Low Commissions

Amazon products produce commissions in the 1 - 12% range. That means you have to find high ticket items if you want to make any serious money


Too Many Products

Wait -why is this bad? Because it's too easy to choose products that are poor sellers. Choice can be good, but it can also be baffling, and results in less success for many


Limited Flexibility

We all know Amazon has control freak tendencies: there are so many rules you have to follow. Don't shorten links, don't email them, don't put them in a .pdf, and many, many more. Make a mistake here and you'll risk getting banned.



So many other marketers are doing this and buyers are getting wise to it. 

Time for something better?

We thinks so and we think we've found it!

What about an affiliate program that


Offers higher commissions?

The one we have in mind has commissions up to 30%


Has super cool new and cutting edge products?

Our has - brand new, exciting products with promotional material, videos and press packs  - ready and easy for you to promote


Even lets you offer discount coupons?

Yep, unheard of with Amazon, but our sellers often give discount coupons to help you with promotion

Free to Join

This program accepts all comers - no need to pay anything to join


You get all the analytics you'd expect from a professional affiliate program

Responsive Support

The team responds quickly to your questions

Global Products

Lots of product choices from all around the world

Enough of the teasing - what is this platform?

Scroll down for the reveal!


Kickbooster! is a new affiliate platform for Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunded products. It's free to join and free to promote new exciting products - with GREAT commissions! (And no - this isn't my affiliate link!)


Kickbooster WP Plugin

Once you've joined Kickbooster and accessed all their great offers, you may wonder how you can promote them on your Wordpress website.

We have the perfect Wordpress plugin!

How it works

Install the plugin, and then paste your Kickbooster product affiliate link into the Kickbooster box and your post is instantly populated with the product details and a button with your affiliate link, ready to go - couldn't be simpler!

Kickbooster WP Plugin

The perfect complement for all Kickbooster affiliates
Buy it today

Kickbooster WP Plugin

Please note - DISCLAIMER:

The Kickbooster name and logo are the property of The Kickbooster WP Plugin is not endorsed by nor associated with in any way.


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